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All Your Vulnerabilities In One Dashboard

McCormack Cyber Solutions recently made a strategic partnership with Plextrac to leverage their top-of-the-line penetration testing and vulnerability management reporting portal. With this platform we can now offer our clients access to a real time dashboard to ingest all of their Vulnerability Management, Cloud Security Configuration Review, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Test findings and recommendations in one place. No more logging into multiple locations just to see what has been fixed!

All MCS clients are granted access to the portal, and can use it to track remediation status, ask for guidance, or just collaborate within your own teams to get vulnerabilities resolved in the most efficient manner.

The platform also offers integrations such as directly creating issues within your JIRA environment, with more integrations being created on a regular basis.

In addition to the benefits of a dynamic dashboard and the tracking and updates offered there, we understand clients may sometimes need a static report to share with auditors or customers of their own. Clients may export copies of the reports at any time from within the portal so they are always available with no delay.

A quick look some of the portal features:

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We believe that the portal will enhance our clients' experience and satisfaction with our cybersecurity services as in addition to other benefits it reduces time spent on reporting legwork which means more time focused on assessing our clients' security posture. We look forward to working with our clients in the new portal and helping them achieve their security goals and objectives.

Interested in a demo of the portal and our service offerings? Please contact us at We appreciate your trust and partnership with McCormack Cyber Solutions.

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