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Cloud Security Configuration Review

Secure your cloud environments in AWS and Azure with our expert configuration assessment and remediation guidance.

A cloud security configuration review is a service that evaluates the existing cloud infrastructure and provides insights and recommendations to reduce security risks and remediate vulnerabilities identified within the configuration. These reviews should be performed regularly as your infrastructure, policies, and cloud service usage changes and grows. Many organizations choose to perform this assessment annually.

At McCormack Cyber Solutions, we offer comprehensive configuration review utilizing the latest tools and techniques to thoroughly assess your controls and identify areas for improvement. The review process can include assessments of network and firewall configurations, logging and security controls, user access control policies, and more. The review can also check alignment with specific compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NIST.

A cloud security configuration review provides you with peace of mind, and your customers with the knowledge you are performing independent reviews of your cloud infrastructure to protect their data.

We provide you with a detailed and actionable report that includes the following:

  • The scope, objectives, and methodology of the test

  • The summary and overview of the findings and recommendations

  • The technical details and evidence of each vulnerability

  • The risk rating and severity of each vulnerability

  • The remediation steps and best practices to fix each vulnerability


We also offer post-test support and re-testing services to ensure that you have successfully implemented the remediation and improved your security posture. We can also help you with ongoing security monitoring, auditing, and consulting services to keep your applications secure and up to date.

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