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Vulnerability Assessment Services

Audit your patch management, and information system configurations with our expert vulnerability assessment services.

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in your applications and systems. A vulnerability assessment differs from a penetration test in that it is generally broader, and utilizes automated tooling to identify the maximum number of potential issues in the shortest time. Vulnerability assessments should be performed on a regular basis, preferably monthly, as part of your organizations standard security practices. Practicing strong vulnerability management with vulnerability assessments helps you to understand the risks and weaknesses in your security posture, and take proactive measures to prevent or mitigate potential attacks.

Our vulnerability assessment service consists of the following steps:

  • We work with your team to identify all systems to be reviewed.

  • We run automated scans on your applications and systems with industry leading tooling to identify potential vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations.

  • We manually analyze the scan results to eliminate false positives, ensuring that you only receive accurate and relevant information.


We then provide you with a detailed report that includes:

  • The type and description of each vulnerability

  • The impact and likelihood of each vulnerability

  • The remediation steps and best practices to fix each vulnerability

We also offer post-scan guidance and re-testing services to verify that you have successfully implemented the remediation and enhanced your security posture. We can also assist you with continuous security assessment, auditing, and consulting services to keep your applications and systems secure and up to date.

Our vulnerability assessment service can be performed as a one-off or recurring engagement, depending on your needs and preferences. We tailor our service to fit your specific requirements and budget.

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