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McCormack Cyber Solutions will perform penetration tests for your Web Applications, APIs, Mobile Applications, Networks, and Thick Clients.

We also offer vulnerability assessments to aid in identifying issues and enhancing your security posture.

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Web Application and API Penetration Testing

Web applications and APIs are prevalent throughout every organization's offerings these days and as such their security is paramount. Through a combination of automated and manual analysis we will probe the security controls and logic of your applications to look for a variety of security issues.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Many organizations today have mobile applications to go along with their web applications or APIs. We will perform testing of these applications from both a client side perspective, and review the web, or other, services that the application interacts with. Mobile application testing is most commonly a combination of testing the mobile thick client and an API the application utilizes.

Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is offered for external and internal network perspectives. External testing targets your internet facing assets such as web servers and VPN endpoints. Internal testing focuses on scenarios affecting the organization's internal network risks from the standpoint of an assumed breach.

These tests help to validate the security posture of the organization through a variety of attack scenarios from exploiting known vulnerabilities due to missing patches, gaining access to insecure services, or accessing user accounts with weak security controls. These tests can also be utilized to help review the security team's monitoring tools and ensure they are well tuned to detect malicious activity.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments offer a solution for security teams who would like a third party perspective of the risks from missing patches and misconfigurations to their networks. Additionally, newer security teams utilize vulnerability assessments to help kickstart their vulnerability management programs.

McCormack Cyber Solutions will perform these assessments for organizations of any size and security maturity.

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